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Roof Ventilation

As a proud supplier of SolarArk ventilators, Mastaflow Plumbing & Electrical offers a full range of fitting, repairing and maintenance services for roof ventilation in Canberra. Find out more today.

The Benefits

There are many advantages to installing the SolarArk roof ventilation system at your Canberra home. These include:

Stay Cool in Summer

During the scorching Australian summer, roof temperatures can exceed 70°C – which can raise the temperature of your home. Installing a SolarArk roof ventilator can reduce the temperature of your roof by up to 30°C, cutting room temperatures by up to 6°C.

Cut Condensation

The SolarArk roof ventilation system can reduce mould and condensation build-up in your roof-space, helping to fight the presence of mould spores that could affect the air quality of your home – and the health of your family.

Boost the Performance of Ducted Air Conditioning

Soaring roof temperatures in the Canberra summer can heat up the cool air that runs through your A/C system’s roof duct pipes, significantly reducing its performance and energy efficiency. A SolarArk roof ventilation system fights this by reducing the air temperature in the roof by up to 30°C in summer.

$0 Operating Cost

Because they are completely solar powered, SolarArk ventilators cost nothing to run for the life of the product.

Whisper Quiet

These roof ventilation systems work using polycarbonate fan blades and a brushless DC motor, ensuring smooth, quiet operation.

Shuts Off Automatically At 24°C

All SolarArk roof ventilators come with a thermostatic shut-off system that ensures the fan automatically stops working at temperatures below 24°C. This helps to preserve roof space heat in the colder months.

Learn More Today

For more information on our services for SolarArk roof ventilation in Canberra, please contact our team today. Call us on 0428 513 267 or get in touch through our convenient online contact form to receive a prompt response.