Why Solar Hot Water?

  • Significantly reduce your ever increasing energy costs
  • Clean energy with long product life expectancy
  • Reduce your carbon foot print

Benefits of solar hot water

Water heaters are one of the largest users of household energy in Australian homes. In the ACT they are second only to home heating and consume between one quarter and one fifth of all home energy. That costs a lot of money and generates a lot of greenhouse gases. A smart way to reduce both cost and CO2 is to install a solar hot water heater. Solar water heaters first use the sun’s rays to heat water and then use electricity or gas to boost the heat if the sun cannot deliver enough energy to heat all the water you need, such as on very cloudy days.

Mastaflow Plumbing Service have many years of experience in installing solar hot water systems, with over 3,000 systems installed between the team. Mastaflow has been recognised for their quality of installation and are the service agent in the ACT and surrounding areas for SolarArk Hot Water.

At Mastaflow we have also received product training on a number of well-known brands and are the leading solar hot water specialist in the ACT and surrounding areas.