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Solar hot water

Do you need a solar hot water health check?

Have you had your solar hot water health check in the last 2 years? If not, contact Mastaflow Plumbing Service to arrange a time for a solar hot water health to ensure that your solar hot water system is working effectively and efficiently.

SolarArk is an Australian manufacturer of high quality, enhanced performance evacuated tube solar collectors with their own manufacturing and warehousing facility. SolarArk’s engineers, skilled employees and agents are committed to the product development and quality control.

SolarArk can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications effectively harnessing the suns’ energy due to the cylindrical shaped tubes designed to track the sun for longer periods of the day, at all times of the year.

Solar hot water heaters work very well in Canberra because of the high number of clear, sunny days throughout the year. Moreover, because of lower cold water temperatures, especially in winter, more energy is required to heat the cold water up to the required delivery temperature than in either Sydney or Melbourne. Solar energy can supply most of this extra energy, therefore the cash savings on either electricity or gas costs are also more in Canberra than in other major cities.

Canberra’s frosty winters post no threat to SolarArk’s evacuated tube as they are certified to 15C. All models sold include anti-freeze protection built into the controller.

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Hot water typically contributes to 38% of Australian family’s energy costs.
SolarArk evacuated tube solar collectors, can reduce your energy costs for hot water by up to 90% Saving you more money, by providing superior performance and high quality product Australian owned, design and operated
Reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to Australia’s energy conservation efforts
Price competitive
Industry leaders for design and performance in solar hot water
15 years warranty. The longest available in Australia
Rigorous standards and methods for installation Australia wide
Exceptional customer support and backup service
Agents around Australia
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The average home energy consumption toward water heating is between 30%-40% of total energy running costs. Depending on your water usage you could save up to 80% of your water heating energy.

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