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Optimize efficiency and reliability for your home or business with SolarArk 

Solar hot water systems offer significant advantages for both residential and commercial users, particularly in reducing energy costs. With the escalating expenses associated with heating water, households and businesses face financial strain, leading to reduced discretionary spending and diminished profits.

By installing a solar hot water system, you could potentially slash your water heating bills by 50-90%. Naturally, the extent of savings varies depending on factors such as system type, backup fuel source, geographical location, and individual consumption patterns.

Your new solar hot water system may be offset by Federal Government incentives, commonly referred to as ‘solar rebates’, along with potential subsidies from local authorities. Feel free to inquire about the potential savings on the upfront investment.

Solar Ark solar hot water systems actively contributes to reducing your carbon footprint. Achieving a 70% reduction in your bill correlates with a corresponding decrease of 70% in greenhouse CO2 emissions. This holistic approach not only benefits your family’s financial well-being but also demonstrates your commitment to environmental stewardship, earning gratitude from both your wallet and the planet.

Why Solar Hot Water?

Significantly reduce your ever increasing energy costs

Clean energy with long product life expectancy

R Automatic shut-off below 25C

Cooler in Summer

Improves energy efficient of ducted air conditioning

Reduce your carbon foot print

Why Solar Roof Ventilation?

What sets SolarArk ventilators apart is their zero operating cost, leveraging solar power for their functionality. This feature, coupled with their quiet operation thanks to a brushless DC motor and polycarbonate fan blades, makes them an environmentally friendly and economically savvy choice for homeowners. By opting for SolarArk, you’re investing in a cooler, more sustainable home environment, free from the noise and energy costs typically associated with traditional cooling methods.

Cooler in Summer

Improves energy efficient of ducted air conditioning

Automatic shut-off below 25C

SolarArk solar-powered roof vents are a game-changer for maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors. Designed to tackle the sweltering heat buildup in roof cavities caused by solar radiation, these ventilators can reduce roof temperatures by an impressive 30°C, subsequently lowering room temperatures by up to 6°C. This reduction is particularly crucial as soaring summer roof temperatures, sometimes exceeding 70°C, can significantly impact the efficiency of roof ducted A/C systems, hindering their performance.

SolarArk’s innovative solution mitigates this by actively cooling the air within the roof, ensuring A/C systems operate optimally. Moreover, these ventilators operate silently, thanks to their brushless DC motor and polycarbonate fan blades, and boast a remarkable $0 operating cost over their lifetime, making them both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.